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FIESTA 2022-2023

18th March,2023
Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success

  • One and only Annual cultural Event for First year engineering students of ES&H department.
  • It's the most awaited, energetic, opportunistic event for FE/FT.
  • Back to Back 40+ performances were delivered.
  • There were more than 550+ students from FE/FT in the audience


    24th-25th February,2023
    Self-confidence empowers and imparts knowledge, while also fostering stability, leading to victory. The confirmation of the lines was a result of the first-year students efforts.

  • More than 400 students enrolled for various workshops
  • Received 103+43 Research papers and Posters respectively in these 2 days of conference
  • It was in collaboration with all the Multi-National Companies
  • Delegates were Industry experts, Chancellor/Vice-chancellor of various Universities.

  • Resume Building Workshop

    7th January,2023

    The beginning is the most important part of the work

  • It was needed to inculcate the skills of building strong resume for future.
  • Session was conducted by Ms.Shubhangi Joshi Jt. (Discipline secretary TSDW & Ex.Vice.Chairperson ISTE )
  • Active participation was there from FE students.

  • Workshop on C langugage

    17th & 18th December,2022

    Setting up your development environment
    Throughout this workshop, we will cover each of these topics

  • Basic syntax and data types:

  • Control structures:

  • Functions

  • Arrays and strings:

  • Pointers

  • Structures and unions

  • File handling


    3rd December,2022

    Scientific calculators are an essential tool for engineering students, and it's crucial for them to be well-versed in using these calculators to solve complex mathematical problems.

  • The event's speakers were Mr. Shah Alam Khan, the Vice-Chairperson, and Ms. Sakshi Singh, the Treasurer of ISTE.
  • The FE/FT students were successfully familiarized with the Scientific Calculator.
  • Students got to learn the efficient use of the calculator and various tricks to overcome mathematical problems.
  • Participants came up with various queries regarding the topic which were all cleared during the session only.

  • Talent Show

    15th November,2022

  • The Talent Show served as a warm welcome for the 1st-year students, offering a platform and the opportunity to interact and forge connections with their peers.

  • It also allowed the students to express themselves, build confidence, and gain exposure to their talents.

  • Zephyr-Techfest

    6th to 8th October,2022

  • Zephyr is TCET's biggest Technical Fest! The theme proposed for Zephyr 2022 was Metaverse. The events conducted were creative and fun which got the interest of all the students from our college and other colleges as well.
  • A Gaming Event for all the Gamers to showoff their skills and their Gameplays to each other.
  • Mortal Kombat, Valorant and Skills and Thrills (Cultural Event) were the events conducted by ISTE.
  • It provided an atmosphere for the participants to experience healthy competition.
  • Rocket League
  • Fifa
  • Last Of Us
  • Far Cry 6

  • Institute Tour

    9th July,2023

  • The Students get familiar to the Campus.

  • To foster curiosity and nurture a scientific/engineering mindset.

  • The purpose of an institute tour is to give visitors a firsthand experience of the facilities, resources, and programs offered by the institution.


  • STEM

    6th to 9th June,2023

    AC-STEM 2023, organised by TCET-ISTE, aims to equip Junior College Students from Science, Commerce and Arts backgrounds with essential STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology) skills for the evolving job market It's Objective is to:

  • To instil the significance of STEM education among students.
  • To assist students in recognizing their potential and aptitude for pursuing STEM education.
  • To ignite enthusiasm for practical, skill-based technical knowledge and inspire students to become proficient professionals through STEM education.
  • To cultivate a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere by introducing a series of stimulating and challenging games.
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