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Yugendra Gupta

He is a combination of hard work and generosity, and he has a natural ability to handle difficult situations with grace. He tackles everything with integrity and an infectiously upbeat attitude. His modest demeanour acts as a magnet for great ideas and attributes. ⚜️Presenting to you the Chairperson of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Yugendra Gupta!

Savi Tiwari
Vice Chairperson

Soft-spoken yet commanding, she possesses a unique charm that effortlessly transcends words. With a gentle demeanour that belies a formidable ability to articulate thoughts with grace, she navigates conversations with ease, leaving an indelible impact. ⚜️Presenting to you the Vice-Chairperson of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Savi Tiwari!

Ayan Khan
Event Manager

A wizard of simplicity with a funny twist. His fluent charm isn't just in words but also in the seamless orchestration of unforgettable experiences. Behind the laughter and thrill lies a dedicated and hardworking spirit that everyone admires. ⚜️Presenting to you the Event Manager of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Ayan Khan!

Aadil Rayeen

A dynamo of fun-loving adventure fused with unyielding determination. His infectious enthusiasm adds a vibrant spark to the team, making every task an exciting journey.With a knack for turning ordinary moments into memories, he lights up the occasion with his unique blend of humour and expertise. ⚜️Presenting to you the Secretary of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Aadil Rayeen!

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Priyanshu Tiwari

A soul that embodies calmness and friendliness in every stride. With a quiet dedication that speaks volumes, this individual approaches every task with unwavering hard work, weaving simplicity and professionalism into the fabric of their efforts, their love for professionalism is evident in every meticulous detail. ⚜️Presenting to you the Treasurer of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Priyanshu Tiwari!

Tisha Narichania
Sponsporship Head

A person whose enthusiasm towards work is nothing short of contagious. With a demeanour that exudes warmth and kindness, they seamlessly command attention and respect. Every task they approach is met with infectious excitement, turning ordinary challenges into thrilling opportunities. ⚜️Presenting to you the Sponsorship Head of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Tisha Narichania!

Aman Jain

A genuinely sweet and kind person, whose warmth and humour envelops everyone fortunate enough to cross paths. With a heart as gentle as a summer breeze and a spirit that exudes friendliness, this person embodies the very essence of compassion. ⚜️Presenting to you the Webmaster of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Aman Jain!

Rajveer Singh
Publication Head

A personality with humour that lights up the room. With a personality that vibes with laughter, this individual silently goes about their work, weaving a tapestry of dedication and efficiency. Their ability to infuse humour into every task creates an atmosphere of lighthearted productivity. ⚜️Presenting to you the Publication Head of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Rajveer Singh!

Piyush Pandey
Technical Head

A soul who is a talkative and humorous gem, whose lively banter lights up any room. With a gift for words that effortlessly entertain, this individual brings a joyful energy. However, when determination is the need of the hour, they seamlessly switch gears to conquer any challenge. ⚜️Presenting to you the Technical Head of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Piyush Pandey!

Harsh Singh

A soul whose quiet demeanour conceals a wealth of goodness and depth. In a world often filled with noise, this person's silence speaks volumes, resonating with kindness, wisdom, and a genuine sense of goodness. ⚜️Presenting to you the Supervisor of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Harsh Singh!

Krishna Kumar Mahto

A personality whose childish humour and playful spirit create an atmosphere of endless laughter and fun. With a knack for turning even the most mundane moments into a carnival of joy, this individual is the heart and soul of every gathering. ⚜️Presenting to you the Supervisor of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Krishna Kumar Mahto!

AryaVardhan Singh

A person who operates in silence but wields accuracy like a finely tuned instrument. With a tranquil demeanour that belies a formidable skill set, they navigate through tasks with stealthy precision. He is a master of subtlety and flawless execution. ⚜️Presenting to you the Supervisor (CP) of TCET-ISTE for the year 2023-24, Arya Vardhan Singh! 10w

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